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"Sorry, I make you suffer my mood."

Translation:Désolé, je te fais subir mon humeur.

January 30, 2013



Is there a reason why the gender for this instance of humeur is masculine? I've looked at various resources, and all of them only provide feminine samples.


It is feminine, however...the 3rd person female possessive adjectives that end is "-a" switch to the male version when the word following it starts with a vowel or a silent "h". This is simply done because "ma humeur" sounds bad. So "ma" ="mon", "sa"="son", "ta"="ton".

Hope that helps!

*As a side note, maybe it is just me and I'm not reading it in the right tone/context, but the English sentence sounds bad....like "ma humeur". Maybe something like "Sorry I make you suffer through my mood" would be better?


Thanks. I forgot about the h rule.

You're right, "Sorry I make your suffer through my mood" is much better.


No, i believe it is ok: you suffer my mood, suffer because of my mood.

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