"There is a new bank above the store."

Translation:Az üzlet fölött egy új bank van.

July 1, 2016



Just a minor disclaimer: "fölött" and "felett" are exactly the same. The difference comes from Hungarian dialects and almost everyone understands both.

July 1, 2016


Why is this not correct: egy új bank az üzlet fölött van?

September 1, 2016


Same question from me.

Is the order:

Subjekt Object Präposition Verb always possible, if it is not a question?

Egy uj bank az üzlet fölött van

August 7, 2017


I wrote it and get right

July 31, 2018


the english sentence is not correct.. the focus of the correct answer is on the store, while the focus of the english one is on the bank.

July 23, 2016


Is it wrong to phrase it as az új bank az üzlet fölött van?

September 10, 2016


no, that's right, but the sentence is with indefinite article, so you have to say "egy". it would be better then if you said "egy új bank van az üzlet fölött", "az üzlet fölött egy új bank van" or "van egy új bank az üzlet fölött" :D

September 10, 2016


No, it's perfectly correct

September 19, 2018


Van egy új bank az üzlet fölött , it is a good sentence

November 9, 2016


Az üzlet egy új bank föllött van, ain't it right?

March 31, 2018


Is there a reason "Az üzlet fölött új bank van" (without egy) is not accepted? I thought the egy was almost always optional.

December 19, 2018


Can i say "az üzlet fölött van egy új bank"? Does it have any different emphasis?

August 7, 2017


Why not. Az uj bank egy uzlet folott van?

September 24, 2018


The "üzlet" needs an az in front of it. (the store, not a store)

September 25, 2018


i put down: "Egy uj bank az uzlet folott van" which proved to be correct but I've noticed a few times it seems more correct to start the sentence with "Az" rather than "egy". Can someone explain please.

December 8, 2018


Read the comments beneath and I understand now.

December 8, 2018


My answer is correct why does not count ?

February 20, 2019


Why can't I write 'van egy uj bank az uzlet folott'?

February 28, 2019


Why is fölöt after üzlet not after bank? The bank is the one that's over the store .. fölöt comes after the word that we're describing that it's the one up as i understood?

March 13, 2019


In nearly every Hungarian sentence, the Verb has to be placed near the Subject of the sentence.

In German: Eine neue Bank ist oberhalb des Geschäfts. Oberhalb des Geschäfts befindet sich eine Bank.

Also possible: Egy új bank, az üzlet fölött van. This is the classical sentence, like Duolingo liked it.

March 13, 2019
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