"There is sugar in the water, there is sugar in it."

Translation:במים יש סוכר, יש בהם סוכר.

July 1, 2016

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Why is "in it" translated to בהם? Doesn't that mean "in them?" The drop down hint for בהם on this page says "in it (pl. masc. nouns)." Does that mean מים is a plural masculine noun? Are there other plural nouns that are translated to "it" in English instead of to "them"?


As Bar said water - מים - is plural in Hebrew. I can think of a few others, I'm sure there are more:

face - פנים

sky - שמיים

life - חיים


the word מים is plural, and it does not have a singular form. In English its the opposite, 'water' is singuar and it doesn't have a plural form. That's why "בהם" was translated to "in it".


Ah i figured but wanted to make sure thanks


’ ‏יש סוכר ‏במים, ‏יש סוכר בתוך’


It should be "inside them" = בתוכם.

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