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"One sentence of condolence"

Translation:Một câu chia buồn

July 2, 2016



In the "They condole with me" example "chia buồn" is used as a verb. Would "sự chia buồn" be incorrect or just not used?


I was wondering the same thing.


Why is it ok to use "của" in some sentences but not this one for "of something"? I typed "Một câu của chia buồn" but got it wrong.


Because it makes no sense in this scenario. "của" is possessive as in "nhà của tôi" (house of mine) while the "of" here indicates the substance of the sentence which is to condole/grieve. Keep in mind English has several uses of "of". For instance:

  • A book of mine = a book belonging to me, my book.
  • I'm out of time = lacking something
  • It's made out of iron = the quality/substance/material of the object is iron
  • The wisdom of yesterday = temporal, denoting the time frame of the wisdom in question
  • The Duke of Guile = the Duke is from Guile


I see now. I guess it's the confusing part about translating from English to Vietnamese. I wrongly think the English "of" is the same for Vietnamese so that adds to my confusion. It's not as easy as a simple one to one translation. Thank you for your help. It clears things up greatly. :D


Hmm, having been through much of the course I don't think 'của' only signifies possession. I'll try to remember when I see what I think is an exception.


You're right. There are many examples where của is used for "of" and even explained that của is necessary to translate of in the discussion forum.


Random....should this sentence be in the GEOGRAPHY section?


I know exactly what I'm writing on my next "condolences" card I mail out XD

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