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"Hol van a kilencvenedik emelet?"

Translation:Where is the ninetieth floor?

July 2, 2016



For Americans, that's the 91st floor.


I dont think hungary has a buikding with 90 floors...


Maybe it is downstairs do we can't see


Where is it? Are floors usually somewhere other than straight up or down? (Then again, most of the other sentences don't make much sense either...)


In America, at least, it would be entirely plausible for someone to ask Hol van a tizenharmadik emelet?


Well, I can see a situation. There are (in Poland) hospitals consistning of few buldings, named A, B etc., connected into one big complex by the ground floor corridor(s). Usually one or two buildings are high, having 5+ floors, and some have just one or two floors (apart from the ground floor). And it is a very common situation when a patient standing in this "short building" is asking about the ward on the 7th floor, and it is in another building. :)


Hui, szédülök!


gyorsan, egy lea'nyka a ba'jban ! . . .

Big 11 feb 19

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