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  5. "The driver is not alone."

"The driver is not alone."

Translation:A sofőr nincs egyedül.

July 2, 2016



Could it be A sofőr nem egyedül?


The literal translation is: The driver is not alone=A sofőr nem van egyedül. But in hungarian we never say that: "nem van". From "nem" and "van" will be the "nincs". I think that the future lessons will explain it.


could you explain this structure please: "Nem, ő nem magas, hanem alacsony." why not "Nincs magas?"


Because you only use "nincs" when you have to say "nem van" (but you don't, you say nincs) in this case even in an affirmative sentence "van" is ommited (Ö magas) so you can't deny it, you are denying the adjective "magas", so you say "nem magas" ...


Nincs edgydul a sofor - should be correct but isnt. ?

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