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"A szálloda a repülőtér és a város között van."

Translation:The hotel is between the airport and the city.

July 2, 2016



And I thought German word order is nonsense :p


At least in Hungarian you can change (in most cases) the word order...


not really, My answer was not accepted just because I wrote the hotel is between the CITY and the AIRPORT. The meaning is EXACTLY the same!!!


Well, repülőtér is not "city", and város is not "airport". So... The answer also has to be an actual translation, not an interpretation, I guess.


Actually those languages that somebody will understand if you speak it to them couldn't be nonsense. They're just different sense. :D I hope this makes sense :D :D :D

Sometimes the most difficult thing in certain languages is the different approach in thinking. Like the addresses in Hungarian: we put them to the envelopes in order like City, street, house (floor, door, etc.) ZIP-code [Country]. English uses almost completely reverse: house, street, city, state, country... But if I want to visit a friend in the States, I have to know the state first, then city, etc... For Hungarians English order is nonsensical, until we get familiar with the English way of thinking. ;)


Even the assumption that there is a "Hungarian word order" sounds so weird... Hungarian has a set of word order related rules that are used to finetune information structure. It's additional information rather than a random dogma.


Oddly enough, I found this sentence pretty intuitive... Guess I'd do okay in German!


I'm getting the hang of this word order now:

The hotel; the airport and the city, between it is.

I knew all that time doing Yoda impressions would pay off.


I love that! Clearly I need to hone my inner jedi master ;)


"Varoş" is the word which is used to define "Suburb" in Turkish and it is originated from Hungarian :)



Thank you, it is interesting! :)

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