"A kórház előtt várok egy fekete autó és egy piros busz között."

Translation:I wait in front of the hospital between a black car and a red bus.

July 2, 2016

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Well, this took me a while! :D


Hope this helps:

  • "A kórház" is the focus of the sentence. So you can break the first part into "A kórház előtt várok" - "The hospital, in front, I am waiting --> I am waiting in front of the hospital".

Then the second part:

  • "Egy fekete autó és egy piros busz között." - "A black car and a red bus, between" --> "Between a black car and a red bus".

Combine those two parts and you get: "I am waiting in front of the hospital, between a black car and a red bus." :D

Hope that helps anyone who reads this with their magyar! :-)


This is a very very hard thing to throw at a total beginner! At least let us have a slow audio button


I love this sentence because it uses quite a few of the basic things the course has taught so far. It's a helpful review


You can shorten the word között and use közt instead :-D.


I love this sentence!


It said i was wrong just because i put "in between" and not just between???


I translated "... egy fekete autó és egy piros busz ..." by "... one black car and one red bus" and got corrected. I thought since egy = one (the numeral), it could be used in this context. Is there a reason it's not possible here?


I have no idea how but I got this on my first try :D A bit hard though so early in the course...


I was unable to type this entire sentence, it seemed to run out of room. I tried 3-4 times.


It's look correct one but says no...


How would you say that it is the hospital you are in front of which is between two things (as opposed to you)?


A short expression could be:

"A rendőrség és a templom közötti/közti kórház előtt vagyok."

I am in front of the hospital (which is) between the police station and the church.

but a more direct translation works as well.

"(Az) a kórház előtt vagyok, amelyik a rendőrség és a templom között van."


the sentence is too long and too fast to do anything other than use the slow version and transcribe it.... no help at all in understanding or learning Hungarian.


I'm should be accepted for I am

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