"The boy buys fifteen bananas."

Translation:הילד קונֶה חמש עשרה בננות.

July 2, 2016

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ha-yéled koneh khamésh esreh banánot


I don't get when to add ה to these numbers


It's explained in the tips and notes. I highly recommend reading them before starting a lesson for the first time. Essentially, for the numbers 1-10, the masculine gets a "ה" at the end and the feminine doesn't (except for 8). For 11-19, you use these same numbers with appropriate grammatical gender and append a ten of the opposite gender. Like this:

"שלוש בננות." - "Three bananas."

"שלושה תפוחים." - "Three apples."

"שלוש עשרה בננות." - "Thirteen bananas."

"שלושה שער תפוחים." - "Thirteen apples."


The word בחור was not accepted in the placement test. As far as I'm aware it also means a boy! :-)


Bachur is a young man. "a guy". Yeled is younger.

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