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"It is not the lawyer who is glad, but the judge."

Translation:Nem az ügyvéd örül, hanem a bíró.

July 2, 2016



I wrote 'Nem az ügyvéd, aki örül, hanem a bíró' and it said the correct one was 'nem az ügyvéd az aki örül...' Where does this extra az come from? Is it like saying 'It's not the laywer who is the glad (one),...' ?


The first "az" is the definite article for "ügyvéd", the second "az" is "that" that points at the person. If you want to get the closest to it literally then it's "The lawyer is not the one who is glad..."


Actually, your version is correct, too.


Any problem with jogász? Is ügyvéd more common?

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