"Rich people are eating in restaurants."

Translation:Az éttermekben gazdag emberek esznek.

July 2, 2016

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Is it wrong to say, "Az éttermekben esznek gazdag emberek,"?


Does not "az étteremekben" mean " in THE restaurants"?


There is no article in the English sentence.


The indefinite article is under-, the definite article is overused in Hungarian compared to English.


On mature reflection, I agree, it would sound unnatural without.


Does "Gazdag emberek étteremekben esznek" work?


I think it does, but to me this feels more like "rich people eat in restaurants" (as opposed to, for instance, poor people eat at home), which, I think, is a more proper English sentence than the one proposed as translation here. The focus is on "rich people". I would translate the original Hungarian sentence (that is, with that word order) as "in (the) restaurants rich people are eating/eat" or even "in (the) restaurants there are rich people eating". The focus is on "in (the) restaurants". By the way, it's "éttermekben".


Translated into English that would be " rich people are eating in THE restaurants". Why couldn' t we have " THE rich people are eating in restaurants " sice apparently you want an article somewhere?


Aarrrgh! If I include the definite article on some sentences, it gets marked wrong; if I leave it out, it gets marked wrong. I see that someone has said that the indefinite article is underused and the definite article is overused in Hungarian. And my language sense was prodding me to include 'az," but I didn't listen. Arrgghh!


This is a confusing sentence.

Now I changed the English sentence to "Rich people eat in the restaurants."
maybe that will help.


Yes! It helps to know we NEED the definite article. Thank you!

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