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"Those books are written by this woman."

Translation:Những quyển sách đó được người phụ nữ này viết.

July 2, 2016



Really? With the verb at the end of the sentence?


There are two main translations: "Những quyển sách đó được viết bởi người phụ nữ này" and "Những quyển sách đó được người phụ nữ này viết". The meaning doesn't change at all.

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So the verb at the end precludes the bởi?


The word for word translation is: Books that to-be (positive action) woman this write. Imagine it in Italian as: "I libri quei sono (stati) persona donna questa (ha) scritto". XD


There are two ways to form a passive sentence in vietnamese. This structure is taught in the tips.

If you are a mobile user, like i do, you can head to the website duolingo.com/learn and read the tips there.

It's sad that Duo hasn't implemented tips on mobile. They are very useful in my opinion


This language is very random


Các cuốn sách kia được người phụ nữ này viết. -- is rejected as wrong, and it shouldn't be, from everything I know.


Yeah, why is "các" not accepted? I used it instead of những with everything else the same and it was marked wrong. I thought they were interchangeable.


Why is past tense--inserting 'đã được' for just 'được' above--being rejected as wrong?


Well hearing it in Italian is helpful thanks.



"Các cuốn sách kia được viết bởi người phụ nữ này --- also rejected as wrong.


I think past tense--đã được-- should be accepted here. We're not talking about writing books in the present, but what was done in the past.


Not an expert in the slightest but I find understanding the sentence as "Those books are as this woman writes" helps wrap my brain around the meaning of "được" in between the halves of the sentence.

Im probably missing another meaning of the word. someone enlighten me please


Why is this not 'Những quyển sách đó bởi người phụ nữ này được viết'?


I filled in the blank with "dưọc" and it didn't go through and marked me wrong!


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