"Van egy asztal a fiú és a lány között."

Translation:There is a table in between the boy and the girl.

July 2, 2016



I don't understand the structure/word placement of this sentence at all...

October 24, 2016


Van egy asztal = there is table. (Van can be both "there is" or "is", depending on the sentence, but it the sentence starts with Van egy, it is very likely that we deal with a There is a construction. )

a fiú és a lány között = between the boy and the girl. között is a postposition, so it is placed after the thing it refers to, unlike in English, there between is placed before.

September 5, 2018


Yeah, I'm starting to struggle too. There is a table, the boy and the girl, between. When it's written and I have time I could just about follow it but if I was hearing this in Hungary I'd be all over the place.

February 18, 2017


there is a table in between the boy and the girl

July 2, 2016


If you want to suggest an alternate translation like this, it's better to use the Report a Problem button and make the suggestion there, as it's possible a contributor won't see your comment here. ^_^

July 2, 2016


Can you explain me, please: There is a table in between the boy and the girl. Is this "in" correct in English? ( I am german native speaker).

January 20, 2019


I think the word "in" is unnecessary.

August 10, 2018


I translated "... egy asztal..." by "... one table..." and got corrected. I thought since egy = one (the numeral), it could be used in this context. Is there a reason it's not possible here?

December 18, 2018


In this sentence the word egy means the article not the number. There ist a table between them.

December 18, 2018


Just curious, since "Van" is at the beginning of the sentence, could this be interpreted as a question "Is there a table between the boy and the girl"?

January 20, 2019
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