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  5. "Nem, nem szédülök."

"Nem, nem szédülök."

Translation:No, I am not dizzy.

July 2, 2016


[deactivated user]

    My solution "No, I am not dizzy" should be acceptable, too.


    I do not understand this meaning even in english, please explain me the meaning maybe with examples


    Dizzy means that I don't feel like I have very good balance. If you spin around i circles for a minute or two then stop. That feeling of the world spinning is called being "Dizzy"


    Cześć. Szia. Hello. For me it is also a weird sentence. In Polish we rather say "I have a dizzy. - (Ja) mam zawroty głowy. - or - Kręci mi się w głowie" Maybe because in Polish it does not exist the appropriate verb.


    So we haven't learned the words for "eat, drink and sit", but we're supposed to learn how to say "being dizzy" and "making music".


    In the Finnish course you'd be able to distinguish between shamans and wizards by now. Not sure about sitting there either.

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    It's just that I can feel the earth rotate.

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