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"Die Weiterbildung dauert mindestens sieben Jahre."

Translation:The advanced training takes at least seven years.

July 2, 2016



Continuing education has been used in all previous questions and now it is wrong?!


The are a lot of variations of this sentence that aren't accepted and should be.

"The advanced training lasts for at least seven years."

"The continuing education lasts for at least seven years."

I've reported both. I think that the curators need to review the options available.


The audio for this says "Der" not "Die"


Yep, sounds that way to me, too (well, the male voice does).


Tells me I am wrong, "You used the wrong word. The further trianing lasts at least seven years." I typed: The further training lasts at least seven years. (which is correct spelling of training}


the word "training" ist writen wrong and he does not accept "extra training" for "Weiterbildung", with himself suggest as a acceptable answer in another exercise!


Does Weiterbildung also mean continuing education intended to keep people's skills current, or just the teaching of additional skills?


DL is giving as correct answer "The further trianing lasts at least seven years." but said my answer "The extra training lasts at least seven years" was wrong :-(


There's a typo in the translation considered correct: "The further trianing takes at least seven years." (trianing - training)

[deactivated user]

    In a previous exercise "advanced training" was not accepted for "Weiterbildung".


    And I don't think it should. In my opinion "Weiterbildung" is just a continuation, possibly with new skills, but not necessarily advanced in any way.

    [deactivated user]

      I entered this translation exactly as above and it was not accepted (because training has been mis-spelt).

      Please correct it Duolingo!


      "The continuing education runs for at least seven years" is another unaccepted variant. In fact, nothing except "advanced training" seems to be accepted for "Weiterbildung". Reported.


      The continuing education lasts at least seven years

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