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"She is painting black ones and red ones."

Translation:Feketéket és pirosakat fest.

July 2, 2016



Earlier in the course I came across vörös. If I wanted to use that word here, would it be "vörösöket"?


Vörös isn't used for "red" so much. Well, AFAIK, it implies a much darker red. For example, red cabbage is called vörös káposzta (but if you know the color, it's more of a purple), and red wine is vörös bor.


They are 2 different colors, which I might call red and dark red, or light red and dark red.


well, i only half agree: if we are talking about things that do not have a traditional color-association, then yes, "piros" is brighter, "vörös" is darker. but if we are talking about permanent pairings, it's not necessarily true. do a google search: the communist red star "vörös csillag" is actually brighter than the red in the "piros-fehér-zöld" hungarian flag. and i'm sure there are plenty of similar examples.


True, some things are always one or the other.


My understand is that "piros" means "crimson", while "vörös" means "rusty" or "blood red".


in this case i'd probably say "vöröseket", with an "e". i think "vörösöket" is mainly used when talking about the red army (russia).


Ah, okay! Köszi! :D


None of the explanations below are correct! the word "vörös" can be any red - with a emotional context - so blood, wine etc. Something that just describes a red colour is always "piros".


meg instead of és ?

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Technically it is correct, but it sounds very - hmm how to put it - not the best educated.


When do we use "meg" and when do we use "és"? I have seen "és" in the sentences and "meg" only in the hints. What is the difference?

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