"Az nem pályaudvar."

Translation:That is not a railway station.

July 2, 2016

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is "train station" a good translation of this?


pályaudvar can be any kind of station for vehicles. Train station, bus station. Hm, is there any other kind of station? :)


I would say "pályaudvar" is typically a large terminal/station, primarily for trains but also for long-distance buses. Just saying "pályaudvar" would usually mean a railway station, but it depends. If your town does not have a railway station (unusual in Hungary) but it has a large bus terminal/station, then "Megyek a pályaudvarra" would naturally imply the bus station. If you want to be specific, you can always say "(autó)buszpályaudvar".
"Pályaudvar" is not any kind of station. It is NOT a metro station or a tram station or a taxi station, nor a station for any kind of waterborne vessel, etc. Of course it is also not a radio station or a police station, either. :)


Thank you for sharing this information. It is very interesting.

Just a small point that is interesting, in English we would not use the term "taxi station". Instead we would refer to a taxi rank ( typically in Britain ), or a taxi stand ( in America )

You might be interested in reading this article:


You are right, of course. Thanks.


i think that's all, but i would add that that it's a big station, where many lines go through or end. and i would only use it in case of regional or national buses, not for local ones.


Palyaudvar means terminal. Allomas mean station


Pályaudvar looks like a compound word to me. What exactly does the "pálya-" part in it stand for?


Track. Confer German Bahnhof (Bahn+Hof).


Thanks. So I assumed correctly that "udvar" means "yard" cause it sounds like the Russian двор. :)


If it was a railway station would it be 'Az a palyudvár'? If so, does the 'nem' negate the need for the definite article?


Up to now train station was accepted and suddenly it is refused.!!!


Just report it. :)

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