"Te lwy są smutne, bo są w zoo."

Translation:These lions are sad, because they are in a zoo.

July 2, 2016

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I make more mistake in english than in Polish XD so sorry but why can't we say "in zoo" but "in a zoo" ?


"in zoo" doesn't make sense in English. You need a particle, either "a" if you aren't referring to any particular zoo, or "the" if you are.


What is the difference, in a zoo and in the zoo , they are in the zoo. Occupants.


These lions are sad because they are at the zoo. Why Wrong???


As far as I know, the animals are IN the zoo, while the visitors are AT the zoo.


Omg, I imagine that: lions come to the zoo, see their relatives in the cages and get really sad...


Actually I remember that we added such an interpretation somewhere, technically it's correct even if it's strange. Added here as well.


Why isn't it "ci lwy", with lwy being male animate beings?


The category you are referring to, masculine animate, is a gender category in the singular. Plural, on the other hand, distinguishes between masculine personal / virile (groups of people containing at least one man) and non-masculine-personal / nonvirile (everything else).


And 'masculine animate' vs 'masculine inanimate' only matters in Accusative singular. Granted, Accusative is a very common case, but in any other case this notion just doesn't matter.

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