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  5. "יש לי סיר."

"יש לי סיר."

Translation:I have a pot.

July 2, 2016



And another word that my brain wants to process as Russian. I'm gonna have to think of it as a pot of cheese.


coming from Arabic or Turkish you'll have to make it a 'secret' pot Maybe a pot to secretly hide cheese for a compromise :D


Secret cheese pot! LOL love it!


actually I came across another complication... persian and kurdish would still add the meaning of garlic. So a secret garlic cheese pot. or maybe to keep on the safe side 'a secret Persian garlic cheese pot'


The association I always gave it was, "sear" like: "if you boil a POT dry you can SEAR it."


Сыр? Довольно смешно!


Живём в дыре, купаемся в яме ;-)


Thanks for the association! I've been struggling with that one as well :)


I don't technically speak Russian but I've picked up a few words here and there through the years and I had a seriously hard time differentiating between Hebrew דירה and Russian дура (sp?) for awhile until I finally remembered by telling myself that the translation for apartment is stupid haha


Well, there is a Russian word дыра that sounds nearly identical to דירה.

Basic words in Hebrew often have counterparts in Russian that sound very much the same. There is an immigrant joke of a conversation between friends. One of them just made aliyah to Israel and answers his friend's question how is he doing. The answer is, "Живу в дыре, купаюсь в яме". Дыра suggest דירה and яма suggest ים. Do you know the meaning of the Russian words?


Why did I think he said "feel" instead of "seer". This did not sound like סיר at all.


It takes practice to get your ears in tune with a new language. Stick with it :)

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