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What do the accents in Hungarian mean?

Hi, I've only done two lessons. I've learned some Finnish pronunciation and a lot of Estonian. But, what do the accents mean in Hungarian? Is á the equivalent to aa? And are ÖŐ the equivalents to the Estonian ÖÕ? Koszonom

July 2, 2016



> is á equivalent to aa?

No. That's also not true for e/é (but for other letters it is).

Á and É make different sounds to A and E, not just longer ones.


Hi! :) If you have questions, you can write my, my native language is Hungarian. I don´t know the Estonian language. Ö is very similar(for me it is the same)as in German language. Ő is a longer form of Ő, and the same is with the Ü and Ű.



From points 2 till 6 you can hear some words with the same vowels :) :)

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