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"Az új autó a város fölött repül."

Translation:The new car is flying above the city.

July 2, 2016



Well... okay? :D

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Sorry for the stupid sentences like this. But anyway, just wait ten more years, and indeed cars will be flying everywhere. :)


Don't apologise! Silly sentences like this are much more entertaining for both those who write them and those who read them. I've always found that to be part of the charm of Duolingo courses. :D


I agree. we must be aware of how difficult it must be for the question-setters to compose logical sentences using such a necessarily limited vocabulary (Hungarian still at basic level).


Perhaps more fun, but it can be quite confusing if an answer doesn't seem to make much sense, yet is the right answer.


like the Enteschild that has has a proper tea party in Deutschland, and the Waiters love story из России. Y todos los frases divertidas en español. I can't wait to break 1000xp in Hungarian, and eventually reach my favorite languages' goal of 5000xp.


They should be by now. (according to Back to the Future :D)


There was a car that pulled a trailer with wings and a tail section. You stopped the car, attached the wings and tail, and you had a flying car. I think they were made in the 50s, possibly the 60s.

The Red Army had a flying tank.


This must be from harry potter


I thought the same thing. No note, car gone...


Chitty chitty bang bang?


it is ok that it is entertaining but when i am trying to translate the sentence that a car flies above the city then i assume i must be wrong........


According to Wikipedia, A Jetson család - The Jetson family.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?


The Jetsons; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Jules Verne; Hungarian linguists at Duolingo - and before we know it, this sentence won't just be a whimsical, eccentric statement to test our burgeoning langauge skills, but a real mode of transport. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericmack/2015/03/16/finally-a-flying-car-could-go-on-sale-as-soon-as-2017/#60af8953219e. Sziasztok!


Hungary is a very advanced country :p


Most likely piloted by flying Hungarian kindergarten teachers!


Nice. this is a fun one


Forces the learner to actually translate, rather than "game" the translation. XPs from learning


I just came here for the comments xD


This was normal for Fantomas 50 years ago...




hahaha this is a funny one... but anyway, perhaps this is from a movie. LOL soon cars will not just fly but swim too. :P


Advanced technology!

[deactivated user]

    I am simply in love with this kind of sentences. I could bet that it is the best way of learning, both the grammar and the vocabulary, too.


    Give it another 10 years and this will be commonplace. Dubai is now expermenting with flying taxis.


    Back to the future scene


    The Hungarians have been hiding the flying cars!


    Why do i need "the" in the begining of the sentence(when translating). In a lot of examples i think its not that mandatory to have it, or not at least to count as a mistake.


    Nemanja, we're talking about a single specific car here, so the article is needed.


    We are in 2020 but this lesson is in 2100.


    When I was about to get surprised I remembered that an ant used to drink milk and eat an elephant in the French course haha


    Please, be realistic. Cars do not fly. This sort of silly example is not helpful. I correctly created the answer only to dismiss it as wrong because of the absolute impossibility of "flying cars".


    Fexs, neither Duolingo nor language itself has an obligation to being realistic.


    It is nothing to do with "obligation" it is all to do with making a study course intuative, realistic and straightforward. If you have to guess the correct interpretation of "the flying saucer is landing in the big city and the fish are jumping into it" how is this in any way helpful in understanding a day to day language. Use common sense.


    I have the feeling "understanding a day-to-day language" is not the goal of this course, sorry. :´)

    You'll learn some Hungarian here, but some useful and necessary parts are underrepresented or missing.

    Also I'd like to argue that surprising sentences are pretty useful to assess if you indeed understand what is being said, beyond the constraints of common sense.

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