"Én fekszek."

Translation:I am lying down.

July 2, 2016

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I can't find references to "fekszek" online, just "fekszem" and "fekszik".


there's some disagreement whether "fekszek" is grammatically correct. if i remember right, it's a regional thing, there are regions where that's what they use, and there are regions where it sounds uneducated.

the "rule" behind it (without grammatical terms, since i don't know those in english):

normally if you conjugate a verb in the first person singular, it will either end in "m" (if the verb has an object), or in "k" (if it doesn't have an object or the object is not specified). however, for verbs, that end in "ik" in the third person singular (eszik - eat, iszik - drink, alszik - sleep, fekszik - lie, etc) lot's of people will use only the "m" ending, even if it does not have or cannot have an object. (it only concerns the first person singular, the rest of the conjugation is the same as others.)


thank you, this was really helpful


"fekszem" is grammatically correct as fekszik is an -ik verb and both definite and indefinite conjugations use -em for first person singular. However you will hear people use "fekszek". Personally I think DL should stick with the formal grammar. Plenty of time to learn slang and dialects when you have it well bedded down.


The hungarian should be "Fekszem" and the english should be "I am lying down". Ertem hogy regen jo volt a fekszek verzio is, de ma mar senki nem hasznalja, nem kellene ezt a verziot tanitani szvsz.


Én fekszeM. IKES ige.


Is it also used as: I am taking rest?


Not really. In fact this sentence isn't used in general because nobody says "én", only in specific situations, when you emphasize that you are the one who is lying down.
"I'm taking a rest" = "Pihenek."
"I go to sleep." = "Lefekszem." -- Or in some parts of the country "Lefekszek." Both are used and fine.

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