A bad boy

Was my translation for ילד רע. It was marked wrong with the correct translation being "a boy is bad". I use duolingo via the mobile version and there doesn't seem to be a way to report that. Also I am not strong enough in Hebrew to know if I'm right. Am I right?

July 2, 2016


ילד רע is a valid translation for "a bad boy".

Actually, for "a boy is bad" i'd translate "ילד הוא רע" or "ילד זה רע".

You're right and that's also what I'd guess as a native speaker. BTW, when you use the app, you can tap on the flag button (which appears after you answer a question) to report a problem.

Not using the app. Using the mobile phone browser version. No flag, no button, nothing I can see as a way to report.

I have the same problem

I don't think we have that sentence in the course (our search function doesn't display it). You probably had "הילד רע", which would be "the boy is bad", not "a bad boy". We wouldn't have "a boy is bad" as the translation for ילד רע - (a) bad boy.

Ooh! See that's the problem with doing it after. You forget precisely what the word is. It's possible (very) that it was הילד רע and I answered "the bad boy". If so, I'm still not sure why it's wrong.

If you go back to the notes you should be able to understand why. Briefly, "the bad boy" is הילד הרע and הילד רע is "the boy is bad".

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