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Hungarian: One of the most hardest languages for English speakers

I've tried Hungarian on Duolingo and I was sooo confused. The sentence structure and word order can be really hard to figure out sometimes. I read online that Hungarian is one of the hardest languages for a native English speaker to learn. I wasn't really surprised :P. It's not entirely hard but I find many sentences tricky to translate.

July 2, 2016



The word order is really simple to me, since it's free (even though not completely).

Also, the first skills are really confusing, then it becomes a lot easier.


If you know Turkish then the word order isn't so hard.


Well I tried Turkish on Duolingo then I removed it but I find it way easier than Hungarian.


Well, if you say that, I'm sure that I can heave a sigh of relief now. XD


I find it really easy.


The word order, when you speak it´s free. Péter az iskola előtt sétál. Péter sétál az iskola előtt. Both are correct. I am a native speaker of Hungarian, and i think it has easier and more difficult sites than oder languages.


Interesting like Sanskrit


That may be because it's very different from the romance and germanic languages you may be used to. I'm finding Hungarian really fun and fascinating and, surprisingly, A LOT easier than Russian, Hebrew and Irish :D

I don't know why, but I'm really loving this language!


There are around 7,000 languages on Earth (give or take a couple of hundred), and I'm somewhat sure one can find languages that are WAY harder than Hungarin for a native English speaker. At least it's written in the latin alphabet...


Whenever I do a lesson, I go over it 3 or 4 times again afterwards because the vocab is so tricky and it helps me retain it better (that's why I only just completed Basics 2 but am Level 6). If you really work hard to get the first words in your head learning new ones won't be quite so difficult (although still pretty hard).


In parallel try extending your vocabulary at clozemaster.com. It is free and there are over 45k sentences from English to Hungarian at 11 different levels based on the Hungarian word frequency list.


Thank you for the link!


I love it though!!!

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It will be hard in the beginning (I should know, I have been doing the reverse course - English for Hungarian speakers - until now!), but I promise you, once you have enough practice, everything about the alien grammar will start to "click" into place!

Also, make sure to check out HungarianReference.com, those are the best "lesson notes" for Hungarian that one can ask for!

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    ------- "most hardest" nem jo' . csak "hardest " . for example, nagyon legnehe'z rossz, de legnehe'z jo', nem ? . . .

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