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Hungarian Duolingo Memrise Course

I'm in the process of making one. Pay attention to the attributes, because I worked really hard on making them detailed (what case a noun is in, as well as the part of speech and ipa, and for verbs I put down the tense and the mood as well as who it is conjugating for). Perhaps it can be useful because Hungarian has so many declensions for each word.

All lessons up to the first checkpoint are completed.


Also, this is my first time making a memrise course so please write down mistakes or suggestions in the course forum :)

July 2, 2016



Thanks so much for this! The Phrases section on Duolingo made no sense to me until I went through your memrise course. I really wish they had started with basic words instead of whole sentences using grammar we haven't even learned yet. :P


I always struggle with the phrases section in every Duolingo course.


Same for me. The separate review with Memrise or other from sources always helps a lot.


Thank you for this! I was wishing there was one earlier as I find Memrise really helps me remember the vocabulary taught on Duolingo. Hungarian is quite tricky to remember the exact spelling and where to put the accents so this shall help me a lot!


adding to my roster now Thanks!


Great idea, well done.


Thank you very much! I have never used Memrise with duolingo before (actually before hungarian I only used Duo to brush up on previously acquired language skills in French, Spanish and German), now I find that it is extremely useful when learning language from the scratch. Many thanks once again :)


I am a French guy and i am learning Hungarian in English. Thanks you very much for your Hungarian duolingo. It's perfect ! Köszönöm szépen ;-)


Awesome! Thank you!

Are you looking for co-contributors?


not at the moment, but if I ever get tired of making this, I'll let you know ;)


Thank you for creating this! It is extremely helpful! ^_^


oh my goodness, thank you so much for making this!!!


Now finished up to the second checkpoint!


A comment about one year later. I just had a look at your course.

Well, it was a good idea to create a course for the words and phrases of the Duolingo course, as long as Duolingo does not create a word list.

But you alway have to keep in mind, that memrise after all requests only from English to Hungarian.

So for instance: The user is asked to answer, what "boys" means in Hungarian. Once it is correct to use "fiúk" (Plural Nominative), and once the user has to write "fiúkat" (Plural Accusative).

And if you only accept 1:1 translations (without any alternatives, which is possible to add at memrise!), the user will be finally fed up because he (or she) never knows, if the nominative or the accusative form is demanded.

And this is just one example. I wrote you a larger comment in the memrise Forum.

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