"Is it light?"


July 2, 2016

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This is only confusing. While it is true that "világos" can mean "it is light", the main use of the question "világos?" is in the meaning "is it clear"?


I didn't know what to make of this either because "is it light?" means "világos van?", meaning the sun is still up but "világos?" means "is it bright?" or as you said "is it clear?" figuratively.


I actually took "light" as a noun and wrote "az fény?". Needless to say, it was not accepted. But to me it seems the most reasonable interpretation :).


That's a possibility too.


I took light as the opposite to heavy! OK, we are in a section on colours, but "light" without the colour being named just didn't register with this meaning.


I also thought like you. And I did not chose the colors lesson for strenthening, I just took the Strengthening button on the main page. So the sentences have to be accepted in any context.


This is my objection exactly: without context, "Világos?" is a condescending attempt to ascertain whether the person you're speaking to has understood what you've been so patiently trying to convey to them. If you were actually wondering about the hue or saturation of something, you'd at the very least say "Ez világos?"


I understood it as: Ez világos? Yes, it is confusing and difficult, to give the wanted answer.


Az könnyű?


My problem is English... does this mean is it daylight or is the color pale?

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