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"Fruits and vegetables"

Translation:Trái cây và rau

July 2, 2016



Could you say "Các trái cây và các rau"? The English version is plural so I thought you needed Các or những...

July 2, 2016


No you can't. Its not suitable. "trái cây" is a plural noun and "rau" is the same. You can use "trái cây" in some case like: I want to eat "trái cây", or eatting fruits is good for health. "trái cây" is available plural, not need "các". You can use "các" in some case: "các loại trái cây này rất ngon", or "đây là các loại rau an toàn"

And in above case, not have "các". Using "trái cây" and "rau" like a plural noun.


July 3, 2016


Nope because fruit and veg is uncountable. Các is used for counting.

July 4, 2016
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