"A mongol óvónő nem a város fölött repül, hanem a folyó fölött."

Translation:The Mongolian kindergarten teacher is not flying above the city, but above the river.

July 2, 2016

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Just imagine this :)


She is a paraglider.


Nem tudom, hová írhatnám, hát ide fogom. Nem akarom lebecsülni vagy leszólni azok munkáját, akik dolgoztak azon, hogy létrejöjjön ez a magyar modul. Viszont belefutottam már első nap abba, hogy eléggé "harmatos" még ez a béta verzió. Általában egyetlen megoldást fogad el jónak, ha egy (szerintem megfelelő) szinonímát írok be, már hibásnak veszi, nem ismeri fel, mert nincs alternatíva. Csak két példa: a "nagy folyó"-nál nem fogadta el a "large river"-t, csak a "big river" fordítást. Arra, hogy "I don't like" azt írtam, hogy "nem kedvelem", de kijavított, hogy "nem szeretem", pedig minimum mindkét megoldást el kellene fogadni, ha ugyan nem "kedvelni"-t inkább... Remélem, folynak a munkálatok, és idővel lényegesen jobb lesz ez a modul. Addig is kívánok sok sikert azoknak is, akik dolgoznak rajta, és azoknak is, akik tanulni kívánják ezt a szép és kifejező nyelvet.


I googletranslated your comment out of curiosity, and am glad I did. :) just to offer another perspective, I have been waiting around 2-3 years for Duolingo to release the Hungarian course and am so so happy that finally it has arrived, albeit in beta. I am not that bothered by the vocab glitches— overwhelmingly I’m finding this course very useful and honestly think I have learned more Hungarian in the past week on Duolingo than I have in my past several years living in Hungary. I know some people are frustrated by the many errors, but I don’t think they’re a major deterrent to understanding the basic grammar lessons, and all the Hungarian speakers providing help & more detailed explanations in the comments sections are extremely appreciated. Thank you everyone, I’m excited to finally be able to talk to the old ladies in my building! ;)


I am very glad that you wrote this answer to my comment. Thanks for the different perspective offered to me, I really needed that. My point of view was the one of a native speaker. I'm happy to hear that for a foreigner this course is well usable and useful too. Sorry for being a little bit negative on this at the beginning - that happened because I tried to test out the same lesson or group of lessons more times and I did not succeed although I am a native Hungarian, so that frustrated me indeed. Sometimes it is not bad to change perspective - I shouldn't forget that :) Go on and do not lose your elan and enthusiasm you have now - it is so good to see it! :) Do not bother to write me if I can help you out with any explanations. I wish you success! Minden jót! ;) M


Thanks for your reply, I'm glad we could help each other understand a bit! :D


Or I could say: nagyon szívesen! :)


The pleasure is mine :)


I put over not above but it was not accepted. Seems kindergarten teachers and cows must be flying all over the place in hungary so they think they do everywhere. These authors seem to have a thing about kindergarten teachers flying. But it is a shame all these useless sentences as it puts you off learning. Hungarian is difficult enough as it is and these sentences really are rubbish. When would you use them?


I though I am the only one who thinks this


I am sure many of us would appreciate if those poor flying kindergarten teachers would be allowed to retire. Didn't they fly enough by now?


Thank you both for your discussion. I also agree that I am learning despite these silly sentences and I want to learn because when I was last in kecskemet in hungary people were so friendly and few of the older people spoke english. I wanted to talk to them.


My English translation to this sentence was The Mongolian kindergarten teacher flies not above the city, but above the river. but was rated incorrect. If someone could help explain why would be nice, and also to tell me how my sentence would be expressed in magyarul. Negatives are a little tricky. Thanks.


Oh but there is something so wonderfully bonkers about the flying Mongolian kindergarten teacher who occasionally can be found fighting outside (not inside). It is so ridiculously daft. I love it !

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