"A nedves repülőgép a sekély tenger fölött repül."

Translation:The wet plane is flying above the shallow sea.

July 2, 2016

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    "plane" should also be acceptable in place of "airplane". In fact, no one in their right mind uses the full version of the word. That is like using "vetinary" instead of "vet". So, "the wet plane flies above the shallow sea" should be okay.


    Interestingly enough, you won't find people using "plane mode" but "aero/airplane mode" instead.


    Can the plane fly 'over' the shallow sea?


    I reported this, requesting that "over" also be accepted.


    well, it hasn't been. I just got it rejected. They say to report this stuff and they will notify you of a change, but I've not seen that to be true. has anyone?


    I have received notifications of changes made as a result of reports that I have made.

    Not very many so far, admittedly, compared to the number of reports.

    I presume that the course maintainers simply have a huge backlog, and in the limited free time they have for the course, they can't whittle down the number of reports as quickly as we might like, so it may take some weeks (possibly even months) before a given report is accepted.

    But they do work on them.


    Overall, my experience seems like mizinamo's experience posted here.


    This sentence looks like it would be used for a Hungarian typing test?


    Please consider that in Hungarian "fölött" and "felett" are the same


    Please consider that in Hungarian "fölött" and "felett" are the same

    They mean the same thing but they are not pronounced the same.

    In a listening exercise, if the voice says fölött, you have to type fölött and not felett (and vice versa).

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