"Where can I find these?"

Translation:Ezeket hol találom meg?

July 2, 2016

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    Surely this should also be acceptable: "Hol találhatom meg ezeket"


    yes it should be. this course is currently in beta, which means there might still be many wrinkles to iron out in it. if you think your answer is correct and should be accepted, use the "report a problem" button and check the "my answer should be accepted" checkbox. it is the only way to make sure that someone who actually can make changes in the course will see it.


    What's the function of 'meg' in this sentence?

    [deactivated user]

      In this sentence it has a pluperfect meaning, but also differentiates the simple aspect from the continuous. This doesn't translate directly into standard British/US English, but would be understood in Hiberno-English (the English spoken in Ireland) as "Where am I after finding these?". Like I said, this is not British/US English and there is no real equivalent in standard English. Be careful with the prefixes "meg" and "el" though as they have different meanings for each verb used and only the context will provide the clues as to the full meaning.


      What of Hol ezeket találom meg? Does the ezeket have to come before the hol?


      The ezeket can also appear behind, but hol, találom, and meg have to stick together. Meg is a verbal prefix (yep, those can also be post-unfixes) and belongs to talál. And the verb has to appear right after the question word, because the question word needs to be in focus.
      So the other option you have here is Hol találom meg ezeket?
      (Either version also works without meg, though.)

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