"Az új magyar autó szép, könnyű és gyors."

Translation:The new Hungarian car is beautiful, light and fast.

July 2, 2016

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After many translations of szep as pretty, suddenly it is rejected. Irritating inconsistency and nitpicking inhibits learning and wastes time.


No need to be frustrated. When you know how the system of the creation of these courses work you could understand why the inconsistency happens. The courses are made thanks to a team of expert volunteers and are free. We only can thank them for the gift they gave us and help them by reporting the inconsistencies and potential mistakes.


^exactly why I wrote an article about this topic on the forum a couple of months ago... I see things haven't changed over the years...


If you come across any incosistencies, please use the report function to report them.


"Quick" was not accepted, it is wrong in English?


Might be hair-splitting, but 'quick' usually refers to a process (something that has an inherent end) rather than a mode of transportation. So you can have a quick answer, or a quick judgment, but cars, walks, or trains are 'fast'.


Sounds plausible to me, but as an American who's never even considered that there might be a difference, I'd say it's pretty hair-splitting. Thank you for yet another insight into my language! Have a lingot!


In English "quick" and "fast" are synonyms essentially. There's a greater tendency to use "quick" when speaking in a more casual setting, and while I can't say I've ever heard a train described as quick, the following are perfectly normal examples.

  • I'm just stepping out for a quick walk.

  • That sports car is pretty quick!

If there's any distinction to be made, "quick" would more commonly be used to convey movement in a lighter, more nimble manner, while "fast" might more likely describe velocity specifically. As far as a rule for "end goal" vs "mode of transport" goes, I've never heard of one.


"That sports car is pretty quick!" doesn't seem like a proper use of "quick" to me. If I heard it, I would at least wonder why the speaker used the word "quick" instead of "fast".


pretty, easy and fast?


Maybe the easy is not working, because at a car the word "könnyű" is used to the weight. Anyway the pretty is correct, so report it if you want :-) (The easy is correct in this sentence: The car is easy to drive/Az autót könnyű vezetni)


Where can I buy one?


Well, it's called Suzuki Swift, and is available in most European countries. And I'm sure we all can agree that this description fits the car just perfect

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