"Ez jó játék."

Translation:This is a good toy.

July 2, 2016

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How would "This game is good" be translated? "Ez a játék jó"?


Game here as a football match?


Can be, but játék can also mean "toy"


„This game is good“ should be right. Or is "a" needed?


I would translate "This game is good" to "Ez a játék jó". In hungarian if an adjective is attached to a noun then it is always in front of it just like in english.


Why is there no need for "egy" here?


The indefinite article is not used in Hungarian as much as it is In English. I see you study Russian; it's sort-of but not exactly like that. You can choose whether you want to use it or not. I'm not a native speaker so I can't say when you should, but it's not always used.


if you don't use it you are speaking more generally but if you do use it you are speaking specifically.

Játék can also mean "toy"

So if you say "ez egy jó játék" you would be more likely to be speaking specifically about a toy or game, describing it but maybe not playing it or using it.

But if you say "ez jó játék" you are more likely describing something you are doing or using at that moment. It can also mean it is fun to use, not just that it is good. It can also refer to any fun thing or event. Like how we might call a power tool a toy as well.


Why is "this is a nice toy" wrong?


This game is good and this is a good game - is absolutely positively the same in English - there is no distinction. How can you not accept the English versions. Reported 2x


Considering that grammatically "Ez egy jó játék" and "Ez a játék jó" are different, and they lead to different english sentences and the learner needs to get used to the hidden verb in the first sentence... I dont see why should they accept both.

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