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"There is no furniture on the fourth and the fifth floors either."

Translation:A negyedik és az ötödik emeleten sincsenek bútorok.

July 2, 2016



I wrote "nincsenek bútorok a negyedik és az ötödik emeleten sem", corrected by Duolingo to "nincsenek bútorok a negyedik és az ötödik emeleten se". Is really only "se" correct, and not "sem"?


In this case the "se" is not correct. I will report it again.


Still not accepted.


It takes a while to respond, I heard, since the authors don't see our reports popping up in their screen, they need to re-visit each and every entry. I think your version is correct, although "nincsenek .... sem" is shortened to "sincsenek" in Hungarian, so that translation is probably preferred.

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