"A disznók röfögnek, a kakasok kukorékolnak, a lovak nyerítenek, a rossz amerikai énekesnők pedig nyávognak."

Translation:Pigs grunt, roosters crow, horses neigh, and the bad American singers meow.

July 2, 2016

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amusing, but it seems like bad practice to cram all these words into one sentence for learning.


It's a bit unrealistic to have this as a listening exercise q.q


Lol :) Is the Hungarian test officially the funniest and hardest one to pass on Duolingo?

As a native I managed to 'crack' this question, but soon I will lose all my hearts again. Funny that as a beginner of Dutch I can reach a much higher level in Dutch than as a native Hungarian in Hungarian.


please stop these annoyingly long phrases! I do not mind the humor, just the number of words


And the useless, meaningless sentences continue in Hungarian. Still in beta?


The level of stupidity and absurdity of this Hungarian course is unmatched. I´ve started five coures here at the same time and only this has these idiotic sentences that look like the result of a competition on who is going to invent the most stupid and confusing sentence with the most useless vocabulary. And no, they are not funny.


Great when present continous is not accepted with an extra long sentence.

What is up with the articles? Everything else becomes a general statement except the american singers? I thought this is some fairytale scene and after the usual animals do animal stuff we throw in absurdity and let people do animal stuff.

And now the otherwise accepted cocks must be roosters here? Lol

I thought this course is a struggle for the creators, because of the language. But it is the only one i tried so far with such long sentences.


I do find that when I am only tentatively familiar with the vocabulary, it is much more difficult to hear the compilation of phrases. It is a good sentence for gaining familiarity with the animal-noise they make association that children typically play for a year of their lives.


I'm a hungarian but this sentence is terrible. Learn only then but you would be a farmer.. It is very difficult to English people.

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