"We sneeze a lot."

Translation:Nagyon sokat tüsszentünk.

July 2, 2016

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Why with 'nagyon'? sokat is already 'a lot'. With 'nagyon sokat tüsszentünk' it would be 'we sneeze an awful lot' or something similar..


Question is what was first? The Hungarian sentence or the English. Actually the Hungarian was the first (Nagyon sokat tüsszentünk) - so the English translation was incorrect. I modified it to:

  • We sneeze/are sneezing very much.


"to sneeze very much" sounds rather awkward in English- a native speaker would say "sneeze very often" or "sneeze an awful lot", you can't really put a sensible modifier on "a lot"


"an awful lot" is a very good choice for translating the next thing beyond "a lot"!

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