"Are you here, too?"

Translation:Ti is itt vagytok?

July 2, 2016



What? "itt vagy te is" is wrong and "itt vagytok ti is" is correct? Are you kidding?

July 2, 2016


They are testing the "Report a problem" function at the same time. :)

July 18, 2016


Does "te itt is vagy" sound unnatural?

July 10, 2016


It is not unnatural, but it means something else. Mostly in questions. Are you here, and also there? "Te itt is vagy meg ott is?".
Or, with a specific intonation, with a big emphasis on "vagy", "Te (már) itt is vagy?" is a question of surprise, meaning "You are already here???".

Basically, the word "is" (also, too) refers to what is immediately in front of it. So, in "te is itt vagy", it is "you too". In "te itt is vagy", it is "here, too".

July 18, 2016


[itt vagy is?] does it work?

July 23, 2016
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