"A sportoló sétál."

Translation:The athlete is walking.

July 2, 2016

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Is not "the athlete" the same as "the sportsman"? Why is this translation incorrect?


sportsman is more correct than athlete. athlete = atléta


That's what I am talking about. My answer was "sportsman" and was not accepted


Hungarian is in the early stages of beta - there are bound to be many unaccepted valid translations. Just make sure that when you come across one to click the "My translation should be accepted" button in the "Report a Problem" menu.


Maybe in Britain, but not in America. Here it only survives in derivatives such as sportsmanship. Athlete is the word (spoken as 2 or 3 syllables).

Anyway, but even in Britain, wouldn't sportsperson be the best translation for this sentence, since in Hungarian sportoló may equally refer to male as well as female athletes? (Apparently, a sportsman is distinctly a male athlete in British E).


After checking Google Trends for exact matches of "athlete" and "sportsman" (and a few other variants), it's actually the other way around. USA is 63% sportsman and 37% athlete, while UK is 64% athlete and 32% sportsman, and it's apparently UK who has a slight usage of "sportsperson" too.

It's also interesting to see how other countries use it too, like how Australia, France and Germany agrees with UK while South Africa, Finland and Poland agrees with USA. Then you have Canada, Norway, Sweden and Russia being neutral (they are within the 56–44% range)


I wrote "is walking". Why wasn't it accepted?


Ez a folyamatos jelen, a cselekmény most történik?


The sportsman is walking why incorrect?


Has been asked above already. Report it.

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