"She is a girl, and he is a boy."

Translation:Ő lány, ő pedig fiú.

July 2, 2016



Why can't I order it as "O lány, pedig o fiú"

December 7, 2018


Would it be right to say "Ő lány, és ő fiú."?

March 16, 2017


Yes, it is correct. But it sounds more natural with "ő pedig fiú". In this case, "pedig" means something like "on the other hand" or "whereas".
I wrote a little explanation here, if interested:

March 26, 2017


Thanks very much! You are great!

March 28, 2017


Thank you from me too! Take TWO lingots!

April 12, 2018


Why would this be incorrect? "Ö van egy lány, pedig ö egy fiú"

July 2, 2016


"Ő egy lány, ő pedig egy fiú" is correct. "van" is omitted in Hungarian unless there's an adverb or something like that. Not sure how the rule goes.

July 2, 2016


Also, if you put "pedig" first, it means something like "although". "Megbuktam, pedig tanultam." (I failed although I studied.)

July 2, 2016

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To be precise, pedig does not only mean although - that is only one meaning.

It can also mean "and":

  • Ő egy lány, ő pedig egy fiú

  • She is a girl and he is a boy.

  • Ez az enyém, ez pedig a tiéd. or Ez az enyém ez meg a tied.

  • This is mine, and this is yours.

July 2, 2016


I said that's what it meant if you put it first in the clause because that's the mistake she made.

July 2, 2016


Firstly, it's Ő, not Ö. Secondly, if you put "van" in the first clause, it is better to put it in the second clause too. Also, since the word order in Hungarian is free, there are lots of different versions of one sentence, it's really hard to add them all during development stage.

July 2, 2016
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