"You are not writing, but reading."

Translation:Nem írsz, hanem olvasol.

July 2, 2016

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Shouldn't it be "olvasolsz" (like "irsz")? "Olvasol" is 3rd person. Hmm just looked it up in Google translate and it says "te olvasol" but that seems inconsistent. OK I guess this must be irregular, but maybe the answer should indicate why it is NOT "olvasolsz" which seems like the natural answer


The base form (3rd person) is olvas. And since that ends on a sibilant (any of c, cs, dz, dzs, s, sz, z, or zs), putting -sz at the end for 2nd person singular would make it hard to pronounce, so Hungarian is using -ol insead. (-el and -öl for high vowel words)


The sentence is correct. "olvasol" is second person singular. "olvasolsz" is not a word.

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