"Minket vagy titeket látsz?"

Translation:Do you see us or you?

July 2, 2016

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Okay, have to admin that not the best sentence. Sounds a bit awkward, and hard to find a situation to use it.

A less awkward version would be Minket látsz vagy magatokat?

And trying to put it into situation - you have a picture in your hand, and I am asking:

  • Do you see us, or yourselves (in the picture)?


Well, yes, I can also imagine a squad of detectives and attorneys behind the glass of a questioning room who can either see the people in the room being interrogated (the people, not the room) or themselves reflected in the glass. I am a crime fiction fan.


This sentence does make a bit more sense in Hungarian. The Hungarian version is distinguishing between you-singular (you the one person we are asking the question to), and you-plural direct object (you-all in the group that you-the-one-person can see).

For better or for worse, there is no clear and easy way to make this clarification in English.

I suggest changing the question to "Minket vagy őket látsz?" == "Do you see us or them?" Still a bit odd, but makes much more sense in English.


One could, in colloquial southern-american english, say "Do you see us or see y'all?" But in actual usage it would probably involve an "only" and maybe more strongly distinguish "you" from "your party".


Yes, I agree :-)


No matter how hard I try, I cannot possibly make either head or tail of this sentence. What is it supposed to mean?


Oh my! Very confusing! I'd like to point out though that "titeket" is the plural you there, not that that makes it much clearer. :D


Interesting enough, I got it right, by just translating it literally. From Hungarian, that is.


Same did I. But titeket would be much better.

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