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  5. "אמא ואבא שלי הם ההורים שלי."

"אמא ואבא שלי הם ההורים שלי."

Translation:My mom and my dad are my parents.

July 2, 2016



Good that she just figured that one out. Everyone should learn it at some point.


When speaking in the first person and referring to one's parents as 'Mom and Dad' 'my' is assumed.


Wow! I guess she was lied to all of her life and just now found this out


Could I say also "אמי ואבי הם ההורים שלי"?


Yes. But since you are using אמי and אבי, you could also say הוריי instead of ההורים שלי. To keep it consistent. However, note that that would be more formal.


The word for parent הורה has a feminine ending but the plural has a masculine ending i.e. הורים and not הורות. Is it an irregular plural?


The adjective הרה in classical Hebrew meant "pregnant" but was used as a noun to refer to a pregnant woman. The verb הרה meant to be or become pregnant. The Qumran Aramaic attestation of this verb (הרי) is probably a Hebraism (Cook, Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic, 65). It's interesting that the noun got used in modern Israeli Hebrew to refer to parents in general. The historical origins help to explain the feminine grammatical gender. Here's a wiki://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:Hebrew_feminine_nouns_with_plurals_ending_in_־ים


Does modern Hebrew consider the word parent as having feminine grammatical gender? Pealim says that parent הוֹרֶה is masculine.


No, but note that the root is הרה and a parent is basically a participle of that root הורה, both genders are spelled the same (just like other roots whose last letter is ה), but pronounced differently - hore (m) and hora (f).


Thanks for the clarification.


Ima ve aba sheli hem ha-horim sheli.


“What’s this word ‘horim’ ?!” I ask my Israeli friend, and she answers with this Hebrew phrase. “Oh, my mom and my dad are my parents”, I mumble back as I work on memorizing the word. This is not such a far-fetched scenario. It will remove a lot of angst if people imagine Duolingo sentences in the context of learning a language!


oh-kay .... I'm so glad this was clarified. Before I read this, I thought maybe her uncle and aunt were her parents, and her mom and dad were only her friends.


I felt I had to give away a lingot.

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