"Ezek nagyon fontos utcák."

Translation:These are very important streets.

July 2, 2016

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These streets are very important


Wouldn't this be "Ezek az utcák nagyon fontosok."?



These streets are very important = Ezek az utcák nagyon fontosak.

These are very important streets. = Ezek nagyon fontos utcák.


I don't know that in English there is a difference in meaning between these two statements.


Yes there is. The first is talking about "these streets" - we know what streets, now what about them? The second is talking "these" - they could be streets - either important or not, or schools, or elephants.


One thing is that these structures don't always have the exact same meaning - I think, an even more important thing is that we are here to learn syntactical structure as well and those sentences have clearly different structure, moreover easy to translate in both cases.

"good enough" or "quite good" or "not bad" or "alright" can often be used interchangably - does this mean they are all translations of the same thing? I'd say they are more like (re)interpretations of one thing. They may be okay for, let's say, translating literature or dubbing some series - but for language learning, wouldn't advise.


Can we not say roads?

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