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  5. "אני שמח כי יש לי צעצוע חדש!"

"אני שמח כי יש לי צעצוע חדש!"

Translation:I am happy because I have a new toy!

July 2, 2016



Can you not translate this as "I am happy that I have a new toy!"? In English, we use that along with because sometimes in sentences like this.


אני שמח שיש לי צעצוע חדש


I see. In this instance though the English use of that is same as because.


I think they have slightly different meanings. In one case you are describing your overall mood, as a result of having the new toy ("because"). In the other case you are describing your specific feelings about having the toy, not your mood in general ("that").


Ani sameakh ki yesh li tsa'atsua khadash!

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