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"Một thiên niên kỷ một nghìn năm."

Translation:A millennium has one thousand years.

July 2, 2016



From Chinese 千年紀 qiānniánjì (Cantonese cin1, Xiamen chhian; pretty sure it’s originally Japanese, as sennénki).


Furthermore, that would mean that this sentence literally states: a thousand-year period is one thousand years.

In English, we typically don't think about the morphemes that make up Greek/Latin-based words such as millennium (mīlle + annus). A millennium is a thousand yearsa thousand years is a thousand years.

I wonder if this is the case in Vietnamese.


Thanks for this. Its interesting to see the hanzi/kanji for "thousand" and "year" in that word from which the Vietnamese derives, as well as the similarity of pronunciation with nián/nen and niên (meaning "year").


Imo, millennium and decade are not in the list of 2000 most frequently used words and probably shouldn't be taught at the A1/A2 level which Duolingo is targeting.


the end of the sentence says mot meaning a or one 1000 years ??


I think both are possible

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