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"There are buses and cars among the buildings."

Translation:Az épületek között buszok és autók vannak.

July 2, 2016



What is wrong with "Buszok és autók az épületek között vannak" (marked wrong?) I'd like to know why so I can avoid making the same mistake again.


It feels like the app is trying to teach us a nuanced difference in how you order the sentence. I'm also VERY confused by the varying order without any help or explanation for why we should choose one order over the other. It becomes a ridiculous guessing game - hmm, which ordering does the app want today?


It just changes the emphasis, to something more like "Buses and cars are among the buildings" (where you're emphasising that it is buses and cars that are between them, and not other things).


So is it still wrong? Because I did the same exact thing.


Technically, it's correct. It's up to the team to decide whether to accept it or not.

[deactivated user]

    So it's technically correct, then?


    Yes - it's whether or not it'll be added as a correct answer.


    Should we report it?


    Sure. It may already have been reported, but no harm in reporting it again just in case.

    [deactivated user]

      To be honest I've reported about 50 things that should be correct at this point (all confirmed by a Hungarian) and only one thing has been added as a right answer. So I won't hold my breath :/


      I'm in the same position.


      In that case (your explanation), why is it not more correct to say, "Buszok es autok vannak eupuletek kozott."?


      It is emphasis. It is the difference between 'the buses and cars are between the buildings' (as opposed to over by the river) vs 'there is are buses and cars (rather than airplanes) amongst the buildings', as far as I can work out In English we stress though voiced emphasis, in Hungarian is word order - hence all the suffixes, to show subject and object. I have had to buy a grammar book to help, as I am struggling to predict word order or know what I have stressed when I speak


      I think i need to go and lie down


      I find the word order in this sentence extremely hard to fathom..


      This lesson is about plural objects/plural accusatives. Where is the object here.


      Mad....just thought i had the emphasis and now the buildings are first!!

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