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Will Hungarian become available on the app?


I am wondering if Hungarian will become available on the app, and if anyone knows when that might be? I was thinking it might appear once it leaves beta? I am hoping that it will be added to the app soon as I use it every day and don't usually use my computer.

I am SO happy that I discovered it had been released in beta, even if I didn't get the promised email that the incubator said would be sent. Thanks to everyone who spent time writing the lessons for us!

July 2, 2016



I have the same problem, I believe new update will resolve it and make new courses available even on the app (I guess it has nothing to do with being in alpha/beta phase, since other courses in beta are also available on the app)


I'm glad it isn't just me missing something obvious somewhere on the app! :-) I had thought that Hebrew wasn't on the app because of the different letters but was really hoping Hungarian would appear on the app so I could practise it often every day.


In a while, Hebrew and Vietnamese aren't out yet either. Be patient, and besides, you can do it on desktop.


We will have to wait many weeks or month, only the app developers know when will be ready


It will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It also might get released on different platforms at different times (i.e. iphone vs android vs other)

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