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  5. "Újak a magas épületek?"

"Újak a magas épületek?"

Translation:Are the tall buildings new?

July 3, 2016



So why is újak plural but magas singular? Some tips and notes for this skill would be very useful.


If it is directly describing a noun, an adjective doesn't take the plural form:

  • A magas, széles, szép fák. - The tall, wide, beautiful trees.

If, however, it's being described as a quality (for example, if in English it is after the word "are"), then it takes the plural form:

  • Ezek a fák magasak, szélesek és szépek. - These trees are tall, wide, and beautiful.


how do you say "are the new buildings tall?"?


Magasak az új épületek?


Could you also say a magas epületek újak?

If so, why is Újak first in the sentence? Emphasis?


Although maybe not a sentence one would use often, could it mean "Are the new ones tall buildings?"

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