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  5. "האם זה בתוכו או בתוכי?"

"האם זה בתוכו או בתוכי?"

Translation:Is it inside him or inside me?

July 3, 2016



I'm pretty sure this has been the plot of at least one Star Trek episode.


I immediately thought of "Alien" :D


I think they are referring to the cake that has mysteriously disappeared...


I thought they were talking about love... it's inside one of us... he's asked us a thousand times.


Ok this is driving me crazy. Is there any... ANY abstract usage of this???? At ALL?


Um....tapeworm infestation....?


Stop it! Stop it with the infections and the sci-fi! xD


One of us has the courage. Is it in him or in me?

Easier to find an example if you're not Hollywood brainwashed


I heard in a song once: "יש בי ים של וייבז להפגין אהבה" "I have in me a sea of vibes to show love" This might be one of the more abstract uses you're talking about. בי (in me) could easily be switched out with בתוכי (inside of me).


I'm wondering the same. Why did they choose to teach us this one?


The Jesus and Mary Chain had a wonderful record in 85 called Living inside Me.


Yes, an absent-minded surgeon with a transplant recipient and the donor... Two dogs wake up at the vet, only one is microchipped...

Read at the website: Overheard in NY, (on the set of an adult film...)

OR my favourite... From the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett (side note : as a Jeopardy answer, the question would be what book series did Rowling steal from to write Harry Potter).... In the Discworld, one of the world's strongest spells jumped out of a book and into a Wizard... A group of wizards could ask is it inside him or ...?


The reason why their relationship sucks?


Two glasses of juice are trying to figure out which one if them got the fish inside?


Ok, another example: "You and your husband are having difficulty communicating due to the deep-rooted childhood emotional instability that is festering inside." So then she says: "האם זה בתוכו או בתוכי!?!"


A quote from the new Aliens movie.


Can I use בפנים for inside? If yes, is there a difference to בתוך?


The former is an adverb which means “indoors”. (“To stay indoors”, “To be used indoors only”.) The latter is a preposition ”inside” that must be used with a noun phrase: “inside the house”.


Like from Ivri Lider's song (Bo) "LET'S", the line: כשמשהו נשבר בך בפנים


Please, it's Rita's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FLbTRhPrM0), Lider's lame cover notwithstanding.


I thought it was inside but not a physical object? It was on Memrise Duolingo as the difference between the two. I forgot the example given, was that wrong?


No, both can be physical or metaphorical, and I think they are semantically the same. feldgendler is right about the syntactic difference


I think you cannot add suffixes to בִּפְנִים inside, because the forms would look (and sound) identical to the common forms of בִּפְנֵי־ in the presence of, facing, up against.

[deactivated user]

    רוח הקודש


    Every time i want to use "inside of me/you etc", but Duo considers it wrong Why, oh why


    Could you also say "et ze" instead of just "ze" here? DL used "et ze" in a very similar sentence earlier in the same exercise (e.g. "האם את זה inside us?"), & I wanna know if it was just a stylistic preference, or if there is a reason for the difference.

    Thanks in advance!


    Well, no. You use אֶת זֶה only for an object, but this is subject here, doing the action, i.e. being inside him.


    I agree, but there is only one "inside" to choose from in the list of available words. fix the problem, or can I choose the second "inside" again, but it does not look like it is available any more.


    Glitches happen sometimes. If that happens, you can always disable the word bank and type the word yourself.


    It could be the other way round.

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