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  5. "They try to win."

"They try to win."

Translation:Họ cố gắng để thắng.

July 3, 2016



When to use "thử" and when to use "cố gắng"?


"Thử" is more like "try" "Cố gắng" is more like "attempt" You can use them interchangeably but a native speaker might not. I "attempted" these clothes on vs I "tried" these clothes on. You get the meaning but it's kind of funny. P.s. cố gắng is my default.


I disagree. Cố gắng is to try. Thử is more like attempt. Example, "I want to try that food" is "tôi muốn thử đồ ăn đó" but if you wanted to say "try to listen" it would sound weird to say "thử nghe nha", the better way would be "cố gắng nghe nha!" Thử is like trying something new. Cố gắng implies effort.


In some exercises we use "cố gắng để" and in some only "cố gắng", I am confused about when we need to use "để"


Is Họ cố gắng thắng acceptable?


Why is cố used after họ?


It is "cố gắng" and it means "try".

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