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  5. "Do you have your lunch?"

"Do you have your lunch?"

Vertaling:Hebben jullie jullie lunch?

February 1, 2014

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lunch = maaltijd

February 1, 2014


maaltijd = meal

lunch = lunch of middageten

De lunch is altijd een maaltijd maar een maaltijd is niet altijd lunch.

February 1, 2014


'doet jij hebt uw lunch?' .... why is that wrong?

May 5, 2014


In Dutch you don't use an auxiliary verb (e.g. here the English 'do') in questions. You swap the subject (you) and the verb (have) instead, so a literal translation would be 'have you your lunch?'

May 12, 2014



May 26, 2014


I have read that you do not use julie directly after jullie. Is it that you avoid it but write it if you have to?

August 13, 2014


That is not wrong but it sounds wierd, you can use ' je ' instead so it would be 'jullie je'

July 24, 2015


Volgens mij is dat antwoordt een zin fout , het moet toch hebben jullie je lunch zijn

May 13, 2019


Sorry, my fault. I had to type the words i heard in English and not translate in Dutch.

June 4, 2019
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